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5 Ways to Prep Skin for Spring

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As February draws to a close, we are quickly approaching spring – whether Punxsutawney Phil likes it or not! With the spring will come warmer weather and more sun exposure, which means we must prepare our skin for the new climate. Believe it or not, it is possible to transition from winter to summer gracefully, all while maintaining your healthy, radiant glow.


Winter is notorious for causing dry, flakey skin, but in the summer you will shed even more dry skin, so it’s important to remove that before it clogs your pores. Exfoliating removes dead skin and increases the skin-cell turnover, which leaves skin glowing and happy. I, personally, exfoliate my face 3-4 times a week, using a rotating cast of our facial scrubs (my all time favorite being the Cocoa Facial Scrub for its moisturizing properties and yummy smell). I exfoliate the rest of my body about the same amount as well, using our body scrubs. If you exfoliate in conjunction with shaving like I do, be sure to steer clear of the salt scrubs; salt + freshly shaven skin = ouch! I love our body scrubs because while they are incredible exfoliates, they do a wonderful job of moisturizing as well!


Steaming has numerous benefits for the skin, and what more perfect time to start than on a cold winter day? Steaming helps to draw toxins out of your body and to soften skin. Because steaming opens the pores, it is also a great way to get your skin for a mask and to prepare it to receive the treatment’s maximum benefits. Boil enough water to fill the bowl, lean over, and drape a towel over your head and the bowl. Take some deep breaths and let the steam do its work! As a fun addition, try adding some of your favorite herbs to the hot water. Peppermint is wonderful for clearing the sinuses, parsley is an astringent and heals acne, eucalyptus clears sinuses AND heals acne, lavender is lovely for relaxation, and chamomile soothes irritated skin. If you have never tried it, add our Nice Complexion Tea herbal blend for a steam.


After a harsh winter, your skin is probably in need of a detox. Similar to a nutritional detox, a skin detox gives the skin a fresh, clean start. You can start by making sure you drink enough water every day, and you can add detoxifying foods like blueberries, oats, beets, and citrus to your diet. Tea can also support the body; nettle, ginger, dandelion, and sarsaparilla are especially beneficial for the skin. Try to eliminate junk food, sugar, fat, and dairy products as they tend to cause pores to become congested. Utilize a facial mask (we have two!) to help draw impurities and toxins from the skin, unclog pores, and revitalize the skin’s surface. Try steaming your face before and/or while you use the mask to reap the maximum benefits.


We already know that moisturizing is crucial in the cold, dry winter, but it is extremely important to maintain a moisturizing regiment year-round. Although you may feel like your face is greasy or sweaty in warm months, it is still necessary to cleanse and moisturize to help keep your skin from overcompensating with natural oils because it thinks it needs to – this will cause clogged pores and breakouts. If you feel the moisturizer you were using in the winter is too heavy for warmer months, try switching to something lighter! I use Everyday Face Lotion year round because it feels light and still gets the job done, but if you feel this is still too much for you, try the Healing Moisturizing Gel. Moisturizing protects skin from free-radical damage, sun damage, and keeps skin looking vibrant.


Protecting the skin from damage is important all year, but even more-so when we are more frequently exposed to the sun. It is important to get into the habit of applying sun screen, as this is the best way to avoid sun damage and slow signs of aging. Applying a moisturizer and a powder foundation is a nice way to protect your face day-to-day, but sunscreen should always be applied if you know you will be in direct sunlight for long periods of time. 

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